Baroque Anarchist


Baroque Anarchist – the better known alter ego nickname of Alexandra Suvorova – is a London-based artist taking on the striking parallels between the contemporary era and the Baroque epoch, which she mines for artistic guidance and inspiration.


Born in Moscow during the 1986 Chornobyl Disaster, Suvorova has always been fascinated by the quest for immortality through science and art, in contrast with the vulnerability and strength of the body. Layering contemporary art practices into her background in Baroque painting and theatre design – tracing the present to its past – Baroque Anarchist creates deeply personal contemporary artworks, yet is unafraid to tackle bold themes and contemporary issues.


Her large scale paintings address themes taken from mythology, science fiction, feminist theory and anarchism. Her work has appeared in solo and group exhibitions across Europe and the US. She recently had a solo exhibition at the Museum of Russian Painting in 2020 and a solo show at the Darwin Museum of Natural History in 2021. 

  • Baroque Anarchist, Leda (1)
    Baroque Anarchist
    Leda (1)
    160 x 100 cm
    Acrylic on paper laid on canvas

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