Karen Pitcairn


Karen Pitcairn is a sculptor living and working in south-west London. She works from life models, capturing the essence of the model and their spirit rather than seeking to produce a likeness. The expressive power of the clay brings out the soul in her artworks, the roughness of the surface and obvious handling of the clay giving rise to an emotional tension which is emphasised by the interplay of light and shadow.


In her recent work the artist has been exploring the idea that posture can convey a whole range of human experiences from youth to old age. The slight tilt of a head, the arching of a back or the position of the hands can convey so many different emotions which her sculptures vividly capture.


Karen received a Diploma in Art and Design from Putney School of Art in 2014 and was awarded a Certificate in Sculpture by the Art Academy in London in 2016.

  • Karen Pitcairn, Lady with Clasped Hands
    Karen Pitcairn
    Lady with Clasped Hands
    25 x 18 x 18 cm
    Mixed Body Clay

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