Ella Shepard


Ella Shepard (b.Harrogate, Yorkshire) is currently working in London and studying for a Masters in Painting. She is interested in the concept of reality and how it is perceived, filtered and processed. This inspires her work to blur the boundaries between reality and abstraction through layering textures of paint and by using reflective filters such as mirrors and water in order to create her work, as these mediums act as a separation between our inner and outer worlds. 


Since graduating in 2016, Ella has taken part in residencies and undertaken commissions, notably her painting ‘Ignite’ has been used for Young Romance’s most recent album cover ‘Don’t Look’. In 2017 Ella worked alongside BiC pens and created pieces in collaboration with Parkinson’s UK. In 2018 she won the Young Bath Art Prize and went on to be awarded her first solo show. Ella’s work can be viewed as a permanent part of Oxford’s Public Art Collection. 


More recently Ella was commissioned by Modern Art Oxford and the Arts Council to make work in conjunction with the pandemic and in recent exhibitions she has worked with Zuleika Gallery ,King House Gallery, The Ashmolean Museum and Arthelix on Artsy. Now, studying for a Masters in Painting in 2022, she is working towards a solo exhibition later this year at Pen Gallery.

  • Ella Shepard, Alto Lounge
    Ella Shepard
    Alto Lounge
    60 x 52 cm
    Oil on board

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