Kora Moya Rojo


Kora Moyà Rojo (b.1993, Spain) is a visual artist who is currently living and working in London. After having graduated with a BA in Fine Art from University of Fine Arts, Murcia in Spain, she moved to London to continue her art practice. Examining the complex effects of childhood trauma, female oppression, and urban migration, she investigates personal displacement and national identity in symbolic scenarios that overflow with utopian potential. Digitally reconstructing dreams, imaginations and memories onto canvases, Moyà Rojo creates eerie worlds that inhabit the liminal space between the conscious and the unconscious. Her androgynous, embryonic figures stretch beyond the earthly domain to the otherworldly as they hybridize with provincial food, coalesce with existing objects, and mutate with unspecified surroundings. In a continuous metamorphosis, the internal and external forces at play make the familiar foreign, and the foreign disturbingly familiar.



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