Farnaz Gholami

Farnaz Gholami is an Iranian, UK-based artist whose practice encompasses painting,
drawing, printmaking, and installation. She graduated with Distinction in 2019 from the Slade School of Fine Art studying an MA in Fine Art Painting. She has been the recipient of The Olive Prize, shortlisted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries, and a finalist in Tiffany and Co. x Outset’s Studio Makers Prize in 2019. She studied Studio Art at Brandeis University, Boston, USA in 2013 and holds a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts.
Farnaz Gholami is continuously exploring issues around geographical, cultural, and
social dislocation. Farnaz has developed a curious, uncertain, and solitary gaze, where-by
there is usually an absence of human figures in ambiguous landscapes or interiors.
The oddly unfamiliar nature of these places creates an uneasy visual balancing act between imagination and reality, abstraction, and form, which suggests a different place in-between. A ‘non-place’, which holds the possibility of the acceptance of unknown experience.

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