Abi Giltinan


Abi Giltinan (b. 1995) is a London-based artist working across painting and sculpture. Giltinan approaches the body as a site of conflict and contradictory sensations. A whirlwind of colourful, dreamlike bodies present a rich duality of pleasure and fear, chaos and harmony, fluidity and frozenness. The epitome of extreme polarity is perhaps found in the sensation of desire, which underpins Giltinan’s visual language. A sense of frenetic chasing and wanting dominates the nudes in her paintings, whom Giltinan views through through physical, visceral experience, drawing on greed and desire and contemporary attitudes towards pleasure. Ambiguous nudes are both seduced and haunted by their wants in these images; they overlap and dance through indeterminate scenes, are shadowed by visions, and seem to shift in and out of focus.


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