Henry Glover British, b. 1997

Henry Glover was born in 1997 in Oxford, England, and currently lives and works in London, England. Glover won the Saatchi ‘Rising Star’ award in 2020, naming him as one of the top 35 emerging artists in the world under 35 years old.


Despite having only graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2020, Glover’s talent has been recognised at the beginning of what promises to be an impressive career.

Taking moments of quiet embrace and intimacy as raw artistic inspiration, he uses his brush – in small, deft motions - to animate his subject matter. Vibrantly juxtaposed colours intermingle with soft lines to characterise the scenes he paints: a bricolage of texture, colour and emotion that recall the intangible dreamscapes of sleep. These images are often framed by poetic words and symbols evoking the folkloric past of Britain.


Glover’s practice is immensely physical, using both his paintings and ceramics to reveal the importance of touch in relationships. In constant conversation with his paintings, Glover’s ceramics demonstrate an immensely strong relationship to materiality, manipulating the clay to create objects that seem to imitate the sensation of contact.

Glover has coined an original visual language to bring us into his own world, and learn more about the relationships that define and influence his practice.