Orla Murray b.1998, is a London based artist having recently graduated with a BA in Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School. Her practice focuses on large scale, figurative oil paintings. Working from a variety of sources including fashion editorials, historical artworks, life, and imagination. The works capture intimate scenarios, and aim to create a connection between the artwork and the viewer. They often feel intrusive or voyeuristic, as though the viewer has perhaps been caught peeking at a vulnerable moment, with the distorted figures within the paintings existing as a hybrid of the real and the imagined world. The works take on a partly diaristic format, in that they comment on the artist’s own lived experiences, and partly form a larger social commentary on subjects such as relationships, intimacy, power and desire. 



  • Orla Murray, Fever Dream, 2022
    Orla Murray
    Fever Dream, 2022
    120 x 90 cm
    Oil on canvas
  • Orla Murray, Hug, 2022
  • Orla Murray, I'm Not Good with Words, 2022
    Orla Murray
    I'm Not Good with Words, 2022
    200 x 150 cm
    Oil on canvas
  • Orla Murray, Pink Lemonade , 2022
    Orla Murray
    Pink Lemonade , 2022
    120 x 90 cm
    Oil on canvas
  • Orla Murray, Untitled, 2022
    Orla Murray
    Untitled, 2022
    21 x 30 cm
    (31 x 41.5 cm framed)
    Oil on trace paper
Installation shots

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