Alemeh Bagherian


Alemeh Bagherian is a contemporary Iranian artist whose work explores the many dualities in modern society. Whilst her work predominantly features women, she seeks to address oppression in a universal manner, to tell the story of the innocence and purity of humans unjustly treated and oppressed. Most of the women depicted are partially covered to emphasise a sense of non-identity and censorship, breaking the ‘male gaze’. The works in the exhibition are part of a series titled ‘My Lady Peace’, a body of work focusing on the connection between contemporary women and traditional symbols of the past. In this way, Bagherian aims to blend the two to evoke a sense of strength, stability, and subtle resistance in the face of oppression.


Bagherian graduated with an MFA in painting from Shahed University, Iran in 2010. She has since exhibited in several solo and group shows in Iran. Veiled Bodies will be the first presentation of her work in the UK. 


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