'Cry Cowboy Cry' Douglas Cantor

22 April - 13 May 2021

Liliya Art Gallery is pleased to present Cry Cowboy Cry, a solo show by Douglas Cantor. 

Cry Cowboy Cry offers an emotionally complex body of work. Reflective of both Cantor’s geographical and emotional state, the artist’s current practice focuses on two main motifs: the nude, and the horse.

Having immigrated from Colombia, Cantor’s Latin American upbringing is reflected in the sterong graphic quality of his work.  Bold outlines are juxtaposed with vibrant colours and eclectic patterns, using thick brushstrokes to create both a flat and dimensional canvas. With a Matisse-like vibrancy, Cantor’s paintings hold a nostalgic power, entrancing the viewer and immersing them in saturated hues of blues, oranges and reds referencing his Colombian heritage.

Cry Cowboy Cry is an intimate exhibition that will track Cantor’s familiarity with his chosen subject matters. In his numerous images employing the traditionally male-dominated genre of the female nude, Cantor creates a diversity of powerful representation reveal strong and powerful women taking control of some of Cantor’s largest canvases.