'Universal Yearnings' Rafaela de Ascanio

21 May - 13 June 2021

"My work is rooted in feminism. I want to create female characters that are empowered, and empowering for the viewer, as well as pyschologically resilient and in charge of their own sexuality, and I want them to be the protagonist in the story."

Liliya Art Gallery is pleased to present Universal Yearnings, a brand-new body of work by Rafaela de Ascanio. 


Working predominantly as a painter and ceramicisit, Universal Yearnings is an intimate and powerful exhibition focusing on explorations of feminsim, the solar system and mythology. 


Starting with a strong academic background having studied at both Central Saint Martins and the Courtauld, de Ascanio's practice is heavily influenced by Art History, and the recognition of the male-dominated canon that follows alongside. Consequently, Universal Yearnings is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that unites classical, art historical and mythological imagery with empowered female characters.