'Universal Yearnings' Rafaela de Ascanio

21 May - 13 June 2021

Rafaela de Ascanio 

"My work is rooted in feminism. I want to create female characters that are empowered, and empowering for the viewer as well as in charge of their own sexuality. I want them to be the protagonist in the story." - Rafaela de Ascanio

Liliya Art Gallery is thrilled to present UNIVERSAL YEARNINGS, a solo show by Rafaela de Ascanio. Working predominately as a painter and a ceramicist, UNIVERSAL YEARNINGS is an incredibly intimate and powerful exhibition focusing on explorations of feminism, the solar system and mythology.

UNIVERSAL YEARNINGS traces de Ascanio's interest in feminine power and personal relationship, placing them side by side to create a beautiful and intimate dialogue between the different mediums. In UNIVERSAL YEARNINGS, each sculpture represents a planet, and is ascribed a narrative following a female protagonist's journey of self discovery, power and beauty.


To view multiple images of each sculpture, please click the work below.