A Chorus of Bodies: Lena Brazin, Caroline Cornelius, Olivia Harding, Lily German, Harriet Gillett, Grace Mattingly, Orla Murray, Amélie Peace

17 September - 10 October 2021

Each artist conjures up a unique vision and manifestation of the body, transforming and re-affirming our understanding of what the body can mean. Together, they form a collective voice of what the body can mean today, creating a chorus of bodies.

Liliya Art Gallery is proud to present A Chorus of Bodies, an exhibition exploring depictions of the body in relation to themes of identity and fiction. Featuring new and recent work by eight emerging artists working in the traditional mediums of painting and sculpture, A Chorus of Bodies invites viewers to see the body afresh, as an ever-changing form, arising from our shared experiences of the world around us.