Open Call: Baroque Anarchist, Bijanka Bacic, Theo Bardsley, Laura L Bell, Bob Bicknell-Knight, Liam Bradley, Holly Brandrick, Lucy Cade, Henry Glover, Salla Kuoppamaa, Bianca MacCall, Lydia Merrett, Nell Mitchell, Mariam Mudarres, Jemima Murphy, Karen Pitcairn, Noah

31 May - 28 June 2022

Liliya Art Gallery is pleased to present its first ever open call exhibition. Our most ambitious exhibition to-date, we will be showcasing an incredible selection of work from artists who applied to the gallery’s public open call invitation.


At the centre of Liliya Art Gallery’s values is to support artists, and to use our skills and expertise to bring engaging and innovative work to the public. It has been incredible to open the gallery to artists from around the world, to provide an opportunity for artists to exhibit their work with us, and for their work to receive the recognition it deserves. 


We received hundreds of applications from artists around the world and were delighted to discover so many talented artists. Applications were assessed on the strength of the work, and the artists alignment with the values of the gallery. As such, the exhibition features a diverse group of artists varied in their themes, practices, and materials. Together they form a dynamic and accessible exhibition. 


It is our hope that this exhibition will mark the beginning of longstanding and fruitful relationships with participating artists and celebrate a year of innovative exhibitions at Liliya Art Gallery.