To Touch You: Abi Giltinan, Henry Glover, Orla Murray, Melitta Nemeth, Robyn Packham

18 January - 21 February 2023

Intimacy for oneself, intimacy shared, the intimacy of a stare or a quiet moment. Liliya Art Gallery’s first exhibition of 2023 brings together five contemporary artists who use paint as a medium to capture scenes of intimacy. Each artist explores these unguarded and personal moments, boldly bringing them into the public sphere. 


The human experience thrives and depends on intimacy for survival. Studies have shown that those experiencing a lack of intimacy with others, usually gained through friendships and relationships, have a shorter life expectancy. In an environment of smart phones and increasing hours in working weeks we are increasingly starved of intimacy and touch. In this exhibition, we hope to provide a space within which to reconnect with this intimacy, in the hope of re-establishing what it means to be human.